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NEKO-NIN exHeart +PLUS Saiha

From developer Whirlpool comes the 2nd mini-sequel to NEKO-NIN exHeart featuring the sub-character, Saiha! Saiha tells our protagonist that a runaway ninja has sneaked their way into town. She doesn't know what their motives are, but it may involve him.

NEKO-NIN exHeart +PLUS Nachi

From developer Whirlpool comes a mini-sequel to NEKO-NIN exHeart featuring the sub-character, Nachi! Impressed by the protagonist's desire to become a better Master for his ninja, Nachi decides to train our hero. What happens when Nachi finds herself glued to our protagonist as well...?

NEKO-NIN exHeart 2

This is a Sequel to NEKO-NIN exHeart. Japan. From time immemorial, there are those who possess superhuman abilities. These beings who looked like a cross between man and beast are called Demi-Humans. They acted as Ninja and served those in power.

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NEKO-NIN exHeart 2 Love +PLUS

The cat girls are back in NEKO-NIN exHeart 2 Love +PLUS! Enjoy four short stories for each main heroine taking place after the events of NEKO-NIN exHeart 2.

NEKO-NIN exHeart 3 

This modern day ninja drama enters its third act. With amped-up cuteness in store, it will meow meow you for sure.


About half a year before the opening of the patisserie, La Soleil where the catgirls work with Kashou. Back when Chocola and Vanilla were still kittens when they first arrived at the Minaduki household and before they opened up to the other catgirls.

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Despite the popularity of, "La Soleil", Kashou's father continues to disapprove of it. Determined to get his father to approve of him, Kashou journeys to France to seek advice from the teacher who taught him his craft. A new chapter awaits in the next volume of the NEKOPARA series!

9-nine-:Episode 1

Help Miyako and Kakeru track down a superpowered serial killer before they strike again in the sleepy town of Shiromitsugawa.

9-nine-:Episode 4

Kakeru, Noa, and the rest of his superpowered friends help stop a threat from another world. 

Release Date: TBA

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My Girlfriend is a Mermaid?!

Tired of your normal city life? Maybe it's instinct, maybe it's science, but nature is calling Hiroto back to his rural hometown! Little does he know that his childhood friend has somehow gotten herself turned into a... mermaid!?

Steam Version 

Nintendo Switch Version

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The Fox Awaits Me

Before he knew it, he was standing in a bamboo grove, unable to even remember why he was there. And there, before his very eyes was a girl in mysterious garb with a pair of fox ears... He knew her, but he didn't know from where. What is she to him and what is he to her?

Nintendo Switch Version

Seven days with the Ghost

Ayako is the only member of the Occult Research Club at girls-only Keisei Academy. Needing to attract more students or have her club shut down, she tries to seek out the "Seven Wonders of the Academy". What she finds is more than she bargained for. An occult yuri game created by members of 2ch!

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2236 A.D.

This tale began five years earlier, in the spring of 2231. Mankind has evolved a new kind of communication ability called “telepathy”.





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An adaptation of the popular NEKOPARA visual novel series. Highlights the cute cast of catgirls as they try to help their master, Kashou, to run his patisserie, La Soleil.


About half a year before the opening of the patisserie, La Soleil where the catgirls work with Kashou. Back when Chocola and Vanilla were still kittens when they first arrived at the Minazuki household and before they opened up to the other catgirls.



Undead Unluck 

Weekly Shonen Jump series published by Viz Media. What happens when an unlucky girl meets an undead guy? Pure chaos! A new manga series jam-packed with old school action!

Weekly Release (Every Sunday)


Kaiju No. 8

Weekly Shonen Jump series published by Viz Media. Kafka wants to clean up kaiju, but not literally! Will a sudden metamorphosis stand in the way of his dream?

Weekly Release (Every Thursday)


Tokyo Ghoul ZAKKI: re

Illustration collection based on art from the popular Tokyo Ghoul: re series by Sui Ishida.


RWBY: JNPR Manga Anthology

Manga anthology based on the RWBY animated webseries.



AKAHONe! Prototype A

An interactive learning support app that helps people unfamiliar with the basics of math get indoctored into the wonderful world of academia. AKAHONe! makes learning a blast!

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Alisa Quest

Join the apprentice mage, Alisa, as she goes on a journey to retrieve the Five Spirit Jewels and prove her worth to become a full-fledged mage in this old school RPG!



Apparently it's My Fault That My Husband Has The Head of a Beast (2 Volumes)

Love Is a Beastly Business! Rumor has it that Princess Rosemarie is an antisocial shut-in, but the truth is far stranger. The young princess hides from the world because of a strange condition: whenever someone expresses a negative emotion, she sees their head transform into that of a fearsome beast. It seems there's no one in the dishonest world of courtly manners she can trust... until she meets Prince Claudio of Baltzar, whose features remain ever human. 

Volume 1

Volume 2


Seriously Seeking Sister! Ultimate Vampire Princess Just Wants Little Sister; Plenty of Service Will Be Provided! (Ongoing?)

Long ago, on the continent of Ephenia, there existed the feared tribe of vampires called "True Bloods," whose great strength allowed them to reign supreme over all other tribes. However, a millennium has passed, and any trace of them has vanished off the face of the planet. That is, until the youngest and most talented royal daughter of the True Bloods awakens in the modern day.

Volume 1


The White Cat's Revenge as Plotted from the Dragon King's Lap (5 Volumes)

Nineteen-year-old Ruri Morikawa gets wrangled into a messy situation when her selfish childhood friend strands her in another world! To make matters somehow worse, a mysterious conspiracy then gets her abandoned in a perilous forest. Through an unexpected turn of events, she comes into possession of a mystical bracelet that allows her to transform into a white cat. Now that she's in the Nation of the Dragon King, she has to hide the fact that she's human—which means spending her days as a little white cat, for the time being... But how will she exact her much-earned revenge against those who’ve wronged her while stuck in the form of a small, fluffy, cuddly kitty cat?!

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3


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Doki Doki Literature Club

The Literature Club is full of cute girls! Will you write the way into their heart? This game is not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed.


  • Special Thanks (Initial Character Designs)

  • Assorted English to Japanese Translation for Team Salvato

How to Kumite Video Series 

A video guide to the Red Bull Kumite tournament.

Street Fighter League Grand Finals 2019

Translation for SFL Grand Finals.


Street Fighter League Pro-JP 2020 

Translation for SFL Pro-JP 2020. Episodes 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10.

Episode 2

Episode 4

Episode 6

Episode 8

Episode 10 - Season Finale